What is a proper press pass?? Anti Restrictions Protest | London

What is a proper press pass Anti Restrictions Protest | London

THE UK PRESS CARD AUTHORITY Ltd (UKPCA) manages a voluntary scheme for issuing press/media credentials – the UK Press Card – to professional newsgatherers working in the UK. It is wholly owned and collectively controlled by the UK’s major media organisations, industry associations, trades unions, and professional associations.

The scheme is managed through 19 gatekeepers. These are national organisations which represent or employ journalists and other media personnel (employed or freelance) whose work involves gathering material for editorial publication in all media — print, broadcast and electronic.

Each gatekeeper issues the UK Press Card to its members, or to those whom it or its members employ. The gatekeeper is responsible to the UKPCA Board for ensuring that the conditions of the scheme are adhered to.

The UK Press Card is produced by a single card contractor who holds a database of all holders. The card itself is produced to the highest modern standards, and its features are described on a poster which can be downloaded from this website. Cards have both security and verification features, and every card has to be renewed at least every two years.

The definition of eligibility is that a newsgatherer must be “wholly or significantly concerned”. “professionally as a media worker who needs to identify himself or herself in public”. In simple terms, s/he must earn most or all of his/her income on the front-line of the news business. The principal occupations covered include reporters and writers, photographers, TV camera operators and crews, and other broadcasting workers such as producers, researchers, dispatch riders and drivers.

The scheme was launched in 1992 by all the major industry bodies with the help of the Metropolitan Police. The aims were: the end of the proliferation of press cards; and agreement on a universallyrecognised card (bearing the word PRESS). The card is formally recognised by all police forces in the UK, by the Ministry of Justice, and de facto by other public bodies.

The UKPCA is governed by a board of directors representing every gatekeeper (each of whom holds one of the company’s 19 shares). There are also a secretary and independent chair. It has a Gatekeepers’ Committee (in practice a mirror of the board) which oversees the operation of the scheme, but does not itself issue cards. The committee can direct applicants to the appropriate gatekeeper if necessary.

Occasionally new gatekeepers have been admitted to the scheme. The strict criteria include:

that the newsgatherers they represent cannot acquire the UK Press Card any other way
that they have not been set up primarily to issue accreditation.

1 Obtaining a Press Card

If you think you need a press card in the course of your work and comply with the criteria laid out in the rules, you will have to apply through one of the gatekeepers listed below. Look through the list and see which Gatekeeper seems the most appropriate and contact that Gatekeeper.

2 Renewing Press Cards

If you need to renew your press card,you should apply through the Gatekeeper who issued the press card to you. If you do not remember from whom you got the card,the prefix initials of the card number will give you the initials of the appropriate Gatekeeper organization.

3 Lost/Stolen Press cards

If you lose your press card or have it stolen, you need to re-apply through the Gatekeeper from whom you originally obtained the card. If you cannot remember which Gatekeeper issued your card then you should email the card manufacturer Custom Card International Services International (CCSI) with your full name,date of birth and home address to lostcards@presscard.uk.com. CCSI will email back the gatekeeper contact address to enable you to request the replacement card.

Enhanced security:

Any card can be verified using the Hotline 0870 837 6477. Ask the cardholder for their personal PIN or password and give it to the operator with the card serial number.

For a complete card check use Verification Hotline, check the card photo, check the UK Press Card Authority hologram, and check the card expiry date.Please help support OUR CHANNEL, so it can continue to make content and bring you the TRUTH.
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