The Distractions of War

What is going on whilst we all watch Ukraine?

The world was getting bored of Covid, especially the illogical and discriminatory restrictions that came with it.  The weariness made people less fearful which meant they started to realise a lot of what they were being told didn’t actually make any sense.  Why are Covid passes necessary if vaccinated people get Covid just as much (or more) than unvaccinated people?  And their viral load is the same.  And they transmit the virus just as much.  Something isn’t adding up here.  Why are masks necessary if I got Covid anyway and case numbers are rocketing upwards despite strict rules on masks?

The noise was getting louder and more and more reports of vaccine injuries and deaths were beginning to trickle out.  Then Russia began placing troops on the Ukrainian border and not only did the pandemic stop but all the anti-science measures started to disappear in the fog of war.

Suddenly pro-lockdowners were ridiculing the concept and saying that they had always been opposed to such ideas.  This was just at the point that reports of the harms caused by lockdowns were being released, so no surprise there.

However, these illogical measures were brought in at great cost and effort, taking advantage of an hysterical world.  Those tasked with implementing Covid passes, digital IDs and tracking systems weren’t going to just abandon their pet projects.  

We must all be vigilant and keep opposing these oppressive and dangerous ideas, probably even more so when the focus is off them.  Wars are always good days to bury bad news.  So, what has been happening whilst Russia has entered Ukraine?  

What do you think?


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