Mental Health Awareness Founder Arrested Our founder was arrested today, whilst addressing a crowd that had already gathered for an anti-lockdown protest in Bristol. He briefly exited our campaign vehicle to announce our mission statement and social media hashtags when he was arrested – we now believe the grounds for arrest was ‘suspicion of organising a gathering of 30 people or more’, although this was unclear at the time. We were not protesting the lockdown – we were there to help those affected by it, who may be struggling with their mental health.

About the Campaign

DnBeveryday is a charitable mental health awareness campaign in its infancy, encouraging mindfulness practice each day through shared passion for drum and bass music.

The project was born because the founder of DnBeveryday was due to record a DJ mix for a friend’s music collective, until one of the leaders of this movement was lost to suicide. It brought to our founder’s attention that many things might have made a difference to this tragic outcome. We believe promoting lifestyle changes and community support through the medium of drum and bass, as an example of artistic value, can bring people together with a universal language of love.

Word is Spreading

The word has been spreading through social media, with many prominent artists in the scene already backing the campaign such as Riya, AC13, Concrete Junglists, Alcemist and the renowned Bristol club Lakota. Hoping to inspire others and demonstrate the potential of aspirations and exercise, our founder has been running to cover a total of 188.8km (the distance of Europe’s second longest bypass) over November 2020, asking to be sponsored and donating all proceeds to Young Minds Trust. We are also working closely with The Samaritans and Help Musicians UK.

This year has undoubtedly had serious effect on many people’s mental health. People have been made jobless, isolated and often left with only digital support, which can amplify depression and anxiety.

Opportunity to Reach Out

On Saturday 14th November 2020 an anti-lockdown protest was held in Bristol. DnBeveryday is in no way affiliated with the organisation or execution of this protest. We are not an anti-lockdown movement. We were aware that it was taking place and that many involved fall within our target demographic and are potentially in need of aid, due to mental vulnerability and illness concerns that drove them to participate.

Cause for Concern

Our team was alarmed by some of the posts made on social media by those arranging the congregation today, however the opportunity to help them digitally was taken away when the online group was taken down by administration. Our founder saw it as our duty to reach out to these people in particular to offer routes for support. He briefly exited our campaign vehicle – playfully dressed as a sloth, which is our campaign mascot – to announce over PA the forums he has set up, when he was arrested for a victimless crime.

Arrested Unfairly

He was not responsible for the gathering or for inciting any rejection of current guidelines, nor did he disobey the police on the scene. He was asked to turn off his running motor to which he complied, but was not asked to stop his heartfelt speech to the people already at the scene for their own reasons. It was unclear to him and those around what he was then arrested for at this time – he was not given explanation or an opportunity to leave and did not resist arrest.

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