Arrested for not wearing a mask | Sainsbury’s Supermarket

Arrested for not wearing a mask | IN Sainsbury’s Supermarket
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I was confronted by covid health officers on Thursday the 10th December @ approx. 18:45ish, in Sainsburys Hereford. The staff were not to blame for this and showed very good professionalism in my view. The security guard had his body cam on all the time.
I was subsequently arrested for failing to provide my personal details for follow up as i did not have an Exemption for not wearing a mask. I showed a screen shot/pic of my exemption but was accused of using a screen shot and not providing an original. Note it was from the .Gov website for exemptions.

The arresting officer PC 3820 RICHARD DAVIS (and Council Enforcement officer NEIL SMITH) did not accept this. This is what i went through.


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